Monday, 7 June 2010

Karte mit Kronleuchter - Card with Chandelier

I made this card because I wanted to try a technique by Ikky:
I don't have a Nellie Snellen die, so I used a Nestabilities rectangle die to cut it longer and embossed it with a textile embossing folder from my Cuttlebug. It would look smarter with her die, but it worked and I am happy about it! My scanner changes the colours a bit, in reality the card looks a bit more elegant. You might not be able to see it, but the pendants of the chandelier are also sparkling!

Ich habe diese Karte nach einer Idee von Ikky ( gebastelt, die anhand eines Nesslie Snellen Dies zeigte, wie man Rechtecke verlaengern kann. Ich habe keine Nellie Snellen Dies und konnte so nur mein Nestabilities Rechteck verwenden, das ich mit dem Cuttlebug Textile Folder embossed habe. Ihr Die wuerde besser aussehen, aber es hat geklappt und ich bin zufrieden. Leider hat mein Scanner die Farben etwas verfaelscht, in Wirklichkeit sieht die Karte etwas eleganter aus. Man kann es wohl nicht erkennen, aber die Luester des Kronleuchters glitzern!


  1. Hi Nessie, I'm real pleased you mastered this technique and the idea of using one shape to make another! Thanks for the link - your card is lovely. I've not tried scanning my cards, I used a photo card straight to the PC and my printer programme - that way I can edit them. Would this solve your colour problem, because it's a shame that you can't show them in their full glory! Thanks again, ikki

  2. Hi, The NEC is the Birmingham National Exhibition Centre and the GMEX is a Centre in Manchester. Both do two craft shows a year. If you have not seen this technique done before it is an idea of yours, but it is demo by (I think) a chinese man at both these shows. He punches down the back of the card to make a border, then used a small oblong punch in the middle of the front, then folds them over to fasten. Not quite as you describe, but similiar. Sorry I used initial, forgot you're from Bonnie Scotland. ikki