Tuesday, 1 June 2010

And another Simple Card - Und noch ein einfaches Kaertchen

Just an easy card for quite a lot of occasions...

Nur ein einfaches Kaertchen fuer viele Gelegenheiten...


  1. ich finde die Karte sher hübsch!

  2. Adorable card!! I am captivated by birds. :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog...and the recipe for the short-bread is linked in the post. (I think the "Garden Shortbread" is a different color...click on that!) It was so yum. It has dried lavender, chopped fresh mint and lemon zest in it. Smelled so dreamy when they were baking!

  3. Hi, Really nice card and different too - I like that! Thanks for your message - no problem I have just posted some pictures of the technique. Thanks for letting me know that I had not explained it very well. If you use it, perhaps you'll give the Cupboard a plug? There are so many Cuttlers out that are looking for help and that I'm trying to reach, and you can help me by doing this. Thanks Eileen

  4. Hast du toll gemacht, gefällt mir gut

    Lg PetraS: