Thursday, 12 August 2010

So, ich bin wieder daheim und kann Euch ein schnelles Geburtstagskaertchen zeigen. Es ist schlicht, aber trotzdem froehlich bunt und gefaellt mir persoenlich sehr gut.

So, I am home again and can show you a colourful but simple birthday card. I like it.


  1. Hi Nessie, got your message and sorry to hear you are having probs with the die. I have a post that deal with this
    which may help. These intricate dies, whatever the make, can be a pain but you can get them out. When you pass through your machine, try turning the die, and also placing it in another place on the plate. Sometimes it's the warping of the plate that caused problems. Sometimes if the paper or card is thin you may need a shim (or2) but don't force! Not sure what you are trying to do with the brown mat? This will not help with the cutting. Read the post above and see if this works, if not come back to me. Hope you find the way to do it because these dies are lovely, I have posted a picture of one today. ikki

  2. Schön Dich wieder zu lesen, liebe Heike.
    Deine Karte ist klasse geworden und schaut super aus mit dem Teekannenmotiv.

    LG Jutta