Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Oh gosh.... the weather is unbelievable (awful)! It is so cold and windy and this icy rain... I am living here for over 15 years now and we have never had a winter like this before. Normally, the temperatures will not drop under the freezing point - and if they do, it might be for one or two days. Now, we have this weather since a week before Christmas and I am just fed up! Last week we had 3 splendid days and everyone thought "spring is coming - at least" - but now we are back to wintery conditions. My dh is on a business trip for 3 days further South, but there the weather is also not much better.

Do you know what I would love to do today? I would really like to have fellow crafters over (perhaps even German speaking ones?), I would make a pot of coffee or tea, bake a cake and we could just chat.. Unfortunately, no one in Germany seems to like the idea... *lol* In half an hour, I will have to pick up my son from school and instead of brewing a pot of tea, it will just be a mug... :-)

Speak to you soon, take care


  1. Du bist ja zu beneiden! Du wohnst wwunderschön und ich nehme Deine Einladung zum Kucne und Kaffee gerne an!!!!!!! haha
    Hier war das Wetter auch gräßlich und nächste Woche soll der Winter zurückkehren!?
    Ich sende Dir liebe Grüße aus Düsseldorf

  2. Liebe Giseal,
    Danke fuer Deinen Kommentar. Ich werde in naechster Zeit auch oefter mal Bilder aus Schottland einstellen. Hoffentlich schaust Du mal wieder vorbei? Ich wuerde mich freuen!

  3. Wenn es nur nicht so weit wäre, dann würde ich auch sofort kommen.............

    Liebe Grüße aus NRW Andrea